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Nymi March 1, 2015 I have been to quite a few Indian restaurants in Baltimore, Masala Kitchen is definitely one of the best. I love the fact that they customize the spiciness to your requirements.

This American bistro styles itself as “one of Baltimore’s most fashionable restaurants,” delivering classics with a twist such as the Alizée french toast for breakfast, honey-grilled salmon for lunch, and a port wine demi-glazed filet mignon for dinner. Don’t forget about happy hour—$6 appetizers and drink specials.

A haven for Baltimore’s vegetarian—and vegan—community, One World doesn’t exclude the carnivore. It’s also a perfect meeting spot: Start with coffee; if it goes well, switch to drinks.

We’ve all seen (or heard of) the various ways people propose in public, and it would seem that restaurants are among the most popular spaces for public proposals. While there are plenty of posh places around Baltimore to drop to your knee and pop the question while your partner fishes that surprise ring from the bottom of the champagne flute (I don’t actually recommend this tactic), consider instead a quiet proposal in Ambassador Dining Room’s outdoor garden area. Even in chilly weather, the white-tablecloth restaurant with its well-dressed staff often has the patio seating open, albeit enclosed and heated, making it easy to maneuver to the short, quiet path just off the outdoor dining space. The garden is lush in the warmer months with a gorgeous, large fountain as its centerpiece, but still remains pretty and private in the chillier parts of the year (if you’re concerned about access, chat with the friendly owners ahead of time). Grab your glasses of wine and go for the short stroll in between courses, or wait until the end and take your coffee. Make sure it’s spiked, though. Just in case. (Jennifer Waldera)

Easy. Go to Gertrude’s, John Shields’ homage to his grandmother and to Maryland cooking. Seafood comes traditionally prepared or with a more modern twist. The dining room, just off the lobby at the Baltimore Museum of Art, is a lovely setting whether you’re sitting inside under the twinkling ceiling or outside next to the sculpture garden. Servers are gracious, as is Shields, who is known to make a sweetly appropriate fuss over grandmother or great-aunt. No one will feel out of their depth. It will be perfect. (Mary Zajac)

Hands-down the prettiest room in town where you can sit down to a plate of kung pao chicken. Yum’s covers the typical Chinese-American fare, along with sushi and a few Thai dishes (the kitchen turns out a very respectable pad Thai). Well-priced super meals come with soup, shrimp toast, and crab Rangoon.