Bedroom Wall Shelves

Bedroom Wall Shelves

Decorative Shelving & HooksTransform clutter into stylish collections when you display photos, artwork, and mementos and more on decorative shelves; use them to add visual interest, organize and enhance the style and design of any interior space. Decorative and functional wall hooks create extra storage in your home, apartment or dorm — hang them by the entry, in the bath or bedroom and in the nursery too. Add an architectural element to any room with a ledge set — configure the shelves as you wish to create an eye–catching display. Cube shelves attractively store and display items; they add style and functionality to any interior space. Modern decorative storage solutions transform the look of any room simply and inexpensively.
bedroom wall shelves 1

Bedroom Wall Shelves

Show off your personal library by adding wall-to-wall floating shelves. Instead of a typical built-in unit, customize the shelves to work around your current furniture design. Reserve the top shelf for accent pieces, and keep your books lined up on the lower shelves for easier access. Design by Leta Palatino-Ash
bedroom wall shelves 2

Bedroom Wall Shelves

Dress up your living room and add plenty of storage space with wall-to-wall shelves. Match the horizontal shelf fronts to your crown molding, which will instantly integrate the shelves and create a classic, traditional look. Add small sconces to light up the unit and complete the entire look. Design by John Gidding
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Bedroom Wall Shelves

Wall shelvesDon’t let wall space be wasted spaceWall shelves turn empty walls into a great place to store and show off your things. We have lots of styles, coordinated with the rest of our furniture. And our big choice of sizes, including shelves you can cut to the exact length you need, means you can find a shelf to match almost any space.
bedroom wall shelves 4

Bedroom Wall Shelves

Run a band of wall shelves across your child’s bedroom to add storage, interest and maximize the space. By adding a floating unit to the wall, it clears up plenty of floor space, while standing at the perfect height so toys can be easily and neatly stored. Design by Andreea Avram Rusu
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Bedroom Wall Shelves

Rustic wooden shelves store and display your favorite photographs, candles and more. Create your own art gallery with these versatile shelves in the living room, bedroom or even a hallway.
bedroom wall shelves 6

Bedroom Wall Shelves

Create a sense of height and add storage space to a small bathroom with tall, shallow wall shelves. The thin shelves help keep clutter at bay, while providing a neat display of linens, toiletries and fun accessories. Design by John Gidding
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Bedroom Wall Shelves

Wall shelves turn empty walls into a great place to store and show off your things. We have lots of styles, coordinated with the rest of our furniture. And our big choice of sizes, including shelves you can cut to the exact length you need, means you can find a shelf to match almost any space.
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This simple bedroom storage hack will work best with heels, and look best if your footwear collection rivals Carrie Bradshaw’s. Because their sole supports itself against the wall, your shoes will stay put on their own.
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No hacks or tinkering here, just one versatile shoe storage product. Pick up a TRONES cabinet (or four), mount them to your bedroom wall in your configuration of choice, and store up to six pairs of shoes inside each one.
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The simple, unobtrusive, and inexpensive Conceal Book Shelf is almost invisible, hence its name. Using two thin metal plates, the Conceal Book Shelf can levitate a stack of books wherever there’s a wall. So basically anywhere in your bedroom, and in your entire apartment.
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The MOLGER storage stool from IKEA boasts a clean design that can store a lot of things inside, including old vinyl records. Whether you place it up against the wall or in front of your fold-down desk, this is a bedroom storage solution you’ll constantly love using.
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Rather than add messy piles to your closet shelves or drawers, clean and store your extra sheets under your mattress. If you fold them well and put them at the foot of your bed, you won’t feel a pea, much less a stack of sheets.
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So read on, and unleash your bedroom’s true storage potential. Plus, if Grayson Altenberg can maximize the space in his 100-square-foot micro-apartment, so can you.
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If your bedroom is more bed than room, look at it as a storage opportunity. You can adapt your bed to store many things, starting at the top.
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Storage beds are one of the most obvious storage hacks for small bedrooms, but they’re also among the best. While every kind of space-saving bed will open up space in your bedroom, storage beds can give you as many drawers as a dresser.
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If you’re handy and want to build tall shelving you can walk up, consider a shelf unit like the one above. It’s simpler than a full bedroom project, and still gifts you with shelving up to the ceiling.
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These desks come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some even have built-in storage for your office supplies. They’re a great storage solution for your bedroom, if and when you work from home. All you need is a chair, though the foot of your bed can do in a pinch.
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You don’t see many trundle beds, except for maybe in your grandparents’ house. Still, their basic concept is valuable for saving space in a small bedroom. Visible to everyone is a sturdy twin bed, while hidden beneath it is a second mattress on wheels.
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While you don’t need a headboard, they’re a nice addition to any bedroom. They also can be whatever you want them to be, whether they’re wood pallets, artwork, or a bookshelf. If maximum storage space is your goal, we recommend the latter.
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Medicine cabinets are the perfect storage solutions for your bathroom, and the same goes for your bedroom. And since you need a nice full-length mirror for your room anyway, you might as well hack one into a mirror jewelry cabinet while you’re at it.
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Pro Tip: Install the entire DIY closet directly opposite a window and attach mirrors to the doors. The mirrors will reflect and fill your bedroom with sunlight, trick your eyes into thinking you have an extra window, and make your room feel bigger.
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Instead of letting these stacks of paper smother your desk or dresser, hack IKEA KNUFF magazine files and a wooden board into a storage rack. Next, mount the storage rack to a wall and enjoy never having to clutter any desk, dresser, or counter space ever again.

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